Lighting up this February 2020

Let's make it happen together!

Join the commune

Luces means light.

Live Light.

Luces Living is an expansive holistic hub that houses creative and conscious spaces for a mindful community. We manifest a balanced way of living that seeks to shape meaningful ways on how people create, consume, and connect.

Everything in one unique setting:

  • Lifestyle boutique
  • Plant-based cafe
  • Holistic care suite
  • Mixed-use spaces

There is a place for you and for everyone.

Our Spaces

Surya Sun Hall

Inspired by nature and our ode to the sun, our Surya Hall has tree-like canopies that allow sunlight to dance and filter through its foliage.

A space that allows you to connect with others and with yourself.

Chandra Moon Deck

With a view of the sun setting against the rice fields and a bed of stars on a clear night sky, our Chandra open deck gathers old friends and kindred souls for intimate celebrations.

Samira Open-Air Grounds

A paved open-air space that lets you feel the breath of the wind, the Samira is an ideal space for community events and activations.

Plant-Based Cafe

Food sustains us and our community. We believe in consuming food locally, organically, ethically — and together.

Eco-Conscious Shop

A story and purpose-driven space for homegrown and independent brands with products made from Earth and for the Earth.

Prana Suite Holistic Care

Holistic care treatments for the harmony of your mind, soul and body.

*launching Mid-2020

Balanga Bataan

3 Hours

2 Hours

1 Hour

Nurtured by its lush mountains, Bataan is a quaint province in Central Luzon, located three hours away from Metro Manila and an hour away from the black sand beaches of Bagac and Zambales.